BANF’s Autonomous Truck Tire Monitoring System to revolutionize the tire industry with its smart sensor system

The tire industry globally hasn’t seen much innovation in the last ten decades. With the introduction of autonomous vehicle technologies, changes are paramount for the automobile industry, and manufacturers are now looking for upgraded tire solutions.

Leading tire manufacturers are in the process of improving and developing tire sensors, but haven’t achieved efficient solutions. Korean company BANF is creating a paradigm shift with its autonomous truck tire monitoring system, bringing in a technology that comprehensively performs tire sensing in vehicles while in motion.

BANF’s intelligent tire sensor system, iTire Sensor System, is based on unique distance-adapted power technology. Seoul-based BANF is leading the tire sensors technology amongst global tire sensor manufacturers. BANF Autonomous Truck Tire Monitoring System has overcome the majority of the obstacles and has established a high-quality tire sensing system that fleet operators can look to and rely on.

Autonomous Driving Fleet Future with BANF

Self-driving passenger cars have gotten much attention in the autonomous vehicle sector, but the next big impact in the autonomous sector will be the trucking and logistics industry.

Autonomous trucks could hugely increase efficiency, reduce costs, and solve labour shortages, disruptions to the supply chain, accident losses, and delayed deliveries. It will be crucial for tire manufacturers to rely on sensor technologies to enable smooth operations.

BANF’s Autonomous Truck Tire Monitoring System analyzes information in real-time with artificial intelligence (AI) by introducing an intelligent system inside the tire.

BANF’s system can notify the client as to the appropriate changes that should be made to help reach an optimal level of operation. Overall, these vehicle motion criteria can provide a wealth of data that can greatly enhance fuel efficiency and offer potential savings in fuel of 10-15%. The technology’s early defect detection can help avoid tire-related truck accidents.

Advantages of BANF’s Autonomous Truck Tire Monitoring System

  • Early Tire Defect Detection to avoid accidents  

With autonomous freights future monitored by fleet managers, a prime concern will be accident prevention. BANF’s sensor located inside the tire accurately assesses the wear and tear of the tire and relays this information through the gateway to the BANF servers and then to the fleet manager. The system can also check on the wear and tear of the brake pads. BANF recently conducted some important testing that showed the smart tire sensor could help detect the loosening of lug nuts on truck tires.

  • Road Surface Measurement

Tires are the only part of the vehicle constantly in touch with the road surface. BANF’s tire sensing profile system carefully measures the condition of the roads and can provide invaluable data even at night. These sensors can also monitor all kinds of road conditions based on weather, such as wet or dry, icy or snowy, and even black ice conditions can be detected. The sensors can also evaluate the road’s physical condition, including potholes, cracks, and differing levels of asphalt decline.

  • Saving gasoline and extension tire life for economic benefits

BANF’s Autonomous Truck Tire Monitoring System can detect any dealignment and weight issues. This includes wheel alignment, tilt, tire pressure, sidewall, and uneven tire wear. The information by BANF tire sensors can help to enhance fuel efficiency 10-15% and tire life extension 10%.

  • ‘Last Mile’ Driving solution 

There is a huge labor shortage in the logistics industry, especially the drivers for large vehicles globally. In an autonomous hub-to-hub system, the long-haul portions will be performed by the autonomous driving system while the ‘last mile’ will be handled by a human driver allowing drivers to work more regular hours close to home. BANF’s technology can make this hub-to-hub system even more efficient by allowing tires to be more effectively maintained.

  • Asset for Autonomous Deliveries

Leading autonomous vehicle companies are partnering with delivery companies for efficient deliveries. This is another slice of the automotive industry where BANF’s technology can provide a valuable service. Especially the road surface condition based on wear and tear and weather would be a significant asset for autonomous delivery vehicles.

Investments & future plans for BANF

In 2022, BANF received a Series A round of investment, which helped the company increase development of its Autonomous Truck Tire Monitoring System while also being more able to hire passionate, dedicated, and experienced human resources.

BANF is currently in the process of building and developing partnerships with companies and significant players in the automotive, autonomous vehicle and tire industries. BANF seeks to be a global leader in the Autonomous Truck Tire Monitoring System collaborating with international partnerships.

North America accounts for 50% of the global share of self-driving trucks. BANF is actively marketing in the US Market and looking for potential US-based partners to share its Autonomous Truck Tire Monitoring System with the world.

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BANF: real-time truck tire smart profile

3F, 175 Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06247, Rep of Korea

T: +82-70-4070-3135

Copyright ⓒ 2023 BANF: real-time truck tire smart profile All rights reserved.